Talk To Me Tuesdays: Heather Kowalski

Tuesday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week!  This week, I am honored to share a little bit about my lovely friend, Heather Kowalski.  I admire her so much.  She’s a devoted mother raising two great kids and juggling life as a talented photographer, jewelry maker, crafter, teacher, blogger, and more.  She is brave and strong, but still manages to keep her softness.  I love this girl.  Talk about squeezing the lemons, wait until you see what she’s done with her kitchen!  I hope you enjoy this little MiniView and glimpse into her pretty world. (All photos in this post are copyright and courtesy of Heather Kowalski)

Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Heather Kowalski. I am the writer of my blog Pretty Petals. I am a Mom of two gorgeous boys whom I love with all my heart. I’m super creative. Love to decorate (on a budget). Blue is my favorite color. I feel like I am constantly trying to juggle what I HAVE to do… with what I WANT to do (which is usually being creative in some form or another). I tend to have many different projects going on at once… and when it comes to creativity, I never really seem to run out of things I want to do or try. My passions are photography, jewelry making, paper crafts, decorating and diy projects.

Where do you do your art & crafting?

Currently I do my crafting right at my kitchen table. I have a little closet that I have turned into a “craft closet” right off of my kitchen. That is where I have all of my crafting stuff and then when I get the urge I drag everything out right in my kitchen. It is kind-of a big old mess when I am in the middle of a project.

When I first cleared out the “craft closet” to make space for all of my supplies, I had all these visions for it to be beautiful and organized and arranged just so. However, it is usually a jumbled kindof beautiful mess in that closet! Maybe one day I will get a better system but for right now that is how it goes with kids, animals and daily chores always demanding my attention!

What inspires you?

I am inspired by beautiful colors, emotion, pretty pictures, old worn things and the stories they could tell, children, kindness and flowers.

What are your favorite art supplies?

My favorite art supplies are old sparkley jewelry, vintage fabrics and paper, old photos, flowers… and my hot glue gun which is the number one supply that I could not live with out.

What is your home like, how is it decorated?

My home is definitely a reflection of my love for comfortable, vintage style. It is always evolving and I like to move things around a lot. I don’t ever spend a ton of money on one single thing because I don’t want to feel like I can’t move it out of the room if I tire of it…. (not that I have a ton of money that I could spend, but I am just saying!) My favorite things are vintage chairs… big old cupboards…. I love comfy furniture with clean lines and pretty pillows… chippy paint… mix match frames… white & grey mixed with color… and fresh flowers from the garden.

Where do like to find your diamonds in the rough for your home?

I love finding things for my home in junk/antique shops and get so excited when I have the time (and extra spending money!) to go out antiquing for the day. There is one particular antique market that is the last Sunday of every month in the Pittsburgh area that I love to go to. I have found most of my vintage finds there… and I also love Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and IKEA!

What is your favorite flea market/ garage sale/ thrift store find and why?

My favorite flea market find is probably my chippy coffee table / piano bench. I have had it for years… never tire of it… great original chippy paint… love the pale grey color… it has clean lines, it isn’t too curvy and ornate… but not too plain jane either. A perfect example of my style!

My favorite lemonade project is my kitchen. I recently moved into my house after going through a divorce and I have been trying hard to create a home for my boys and I. My kitchen was definitely on the “I must do something with this room” list. Every time I would walk into the room I would think about how to fix it.. even if it was just a little bit. I would make lists… and look at pictures… and try to figure out a way to make this space a little more beautiful. I had very few pennies in my purse for anything major but my creativity has helped me in this area!

Heather’s kitchen before:

Heather’s kitchen after:

When I first looked at this house I knew that the kitchen had a lot of potential if I just polished it up a little with some elbow grease and a couple cans of paint. I must admit at first it seemed like a daunting task! I tried to see through the dark ugly cabinets and super ugly yellow/brown checkered floor and knew I could make it pretty even though I had basically no budget. Now I do admit that it was a lot of work… but once you make up your mind to get it done, it really isn’t that bad! It truly is amazing what a few coats of paint can do. At the end of that project I kept looking at what a difference it made in my home.. it was a brighter and happier space to be in. Total cost for my transformation was only $138 and a whole lot of hard work!

If you would like to see more of my art or work you can find me here…

I offer several different online crafty classes through my blog,

when I get in the crafting mood I like to sell jewelry in my etsy shop

OR, you can view and like my facebook page here and keep up with all of my creative endeavors all in one place! Thanks for reading a little about me. It is so nice to know there are other women out there making lemonade out of lemons too!


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  1. Gorgeous Feature Holly! Im always a forever fan of Heather’s home, artwork, and style. Beautiful! xo,Jenn

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh, I have loved Heather and her fabulous style ever since I first found her many years ago on Flickr! I think I probably favorited all her photos! Her kitchen makeover is so wonderful!!

  3. Sheila R says:

    I just love Heather’s style! Her artwork and her home are beautiful.

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