potting table to sofa table

Last year, my house was photographed by some very talented photographers and appeared in the 2012 Spring issue of Romantic Country Magazine.  It was a crazy and fun time!  Click on the link for the whole crazy story of how they found me, and how they were willing to drive all the way to central Oklahoma for my house.  LOVE THEM.  Anyway, while getting ready for them to come visit, of course I wanted to make sure to do all I could to get everything all pretty-fied.  The back porch area was one of the areas that they photographed, but it did not end up in the magazine.  This is my photo, taken before they came.  I had this cool table hanging around that I picked up from a place that didn’t really DO the chippy painted thing, so I got it for a song.  The top was stained in a weird purpley stain, which I just whitewashed over with some white paint I had hanging around.  It doesn’t really match the rest of the old white paint, but I don’t care.   I thought it would make the perfect potting and storage table.  And it did!  Doesn’t it look awesome and summery and inviting?!  I am not usually drawn to yellow, but I have to say I’ve been liking it more and more lately, and these pillows were cheap-os from TJ Maxx (how great is that place?!), so they set the color for the porch.

But then… weather happened.  Oklahoma has LOTS of seasonal weather changes.  Rains, drought, heat, freezing, snow, tornadoes, you name it, we get it.  So, after about a year, this is how my awesome table was looking:

Not so hot.  Plus, the kids were just jumbling it up with all their stuff and I wasn’t tending to the potting as much as I fantasized I would.  My treasure was turning to trash!  So I decided to bring my table IN the house.  So I had to scrape it, sweep it, clean it, evict the spiders that were nesting in it (ew.), repaint the top and wax it.  Here it is after a bit of clean up:

But I didn’t have ONE SINGLE WALL where it would work!  I was so frustrated.  It’s a huge table, actually, and I just didn’t have anywhere that it would fit.  Then, it struck me.  A sofa table!  My front door opens onto a small entry hall area, then you look smack-dab right on the back of the sofa.  It’s not a very welcoming entrance.  But the table changed all that:

So much better!  I love this kind of thing.  What I WANTED didn’t work out, but because of that, it became something even better.  I love when there are better things waiting for us when we give up on our own plans!  Sometimes we get lemonade without even trying, just by letting go of what we thought we really wanted.  I know it’s just a table, but a good little lesson for me.  By the way, my kids still leave stuff on it, but somehow it’s cuter:

A newspaper hat and a little red car.  Evidence of little boys.  I will miss these kinds of things when they grow up.  Precious treasures.

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  1. laura says:

    Holly I am in love with your art & style!!! Your sweet lovely talent is so fresh & original!!! So glas we connected. xo Laura

  2. Michelle says:

    Holly, I adore your potting table! It makes a perfect sofa table! What a lovely sight to see when you enter your home!

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