Mission Statement

Squeeze The Lemons is a place for US!  All of us regular people… coupon clippers, carpool captains, and every day ordinary folks who may not be able to afford the best of everything, but we make the best of what we have! We may hope for and look forward to a more bountiful future, but we will not wait for our kids to grow up, our paychecks to be bigger, or our lives to be easier, we claim our lives NOW and find ways to have beauty, art, and joy in the wonderful life we have right this moment.  I’ll be featuring  fantastic artists, beautiful homes from regular folks who tell you how they get the look of luxury on a thrift-store budget, and funny anecdotes and observations from this middle-class(y) mom (plus a few other fun things!). Come along with me!  Let’s squeeze those lemons and make our own lemonade!