Talk to me Tuesday: Audrey Eclectic

One of the regular things we’ll be doing around her is “mini-views”, which are little mini interviews with artists, crafters, moms, entrepreneurs, or whoever else I think is neat-o.  I’ll ask everyone the same (mostly) questions and then ask them to tell us a little something about how they make lemonade in their own lives.  […]

what I want vs. what I can have

Oh you guys, I know this has been a slow start, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes over here!  I have about a dozen artists working on guest blog posts, some you’ve heard of, others maybe not.  They’re all different, but I ask them all the same questions in our “miniviews” […]

come along with me…

Hello.  My name is Holly Abston.  I’m a mom, artist, nerd, and a million other things (just like you) and I’ve been up to something! Latey, I’ve been thinking…  I LOVE reading beautiful art and home blogs and magazines.  And I dream of attending the beautiful art events that I see advertised on an almost […]